Private Trainings

House Manners Program

After a few lessons, your dog will be a polite and welcomed member of your household. You'll be surprised that they no longer bark out the window or have accidents in the house, which used to be a nuisance to you. Now you know that your dog will be under control whether you are home to watch them or not, no need to buy new carpets or repair the molding around your windows anymore!

This program will teach your dog some basic behaviors that will make them more enjoyable to live with. Say good-bye to destructive behaviors, and say hello to a dog that knows how to behave in the house, wait at the door, and leave it if something is dropped on the floor.


Most families achieve these simple goals in 3 sessions.

Included in this program:


● 3 Sessions (In-Home)

● Leave-it

● Drop-it

● Stay in place

● Wait (at doorways and at feeding time)

One-Time Cost: $525

*Payment options available upon request*

Attentive Dog Program

Imagine walking your dog around the neighborhood when, all of the sudden, you see another person walking their dog off in the distance. This used to fill you with anxiety because you knew that your dog would embarrass you by barking and pulling you over to see the other dog.


After completing this program, you'll have the confidence to walk by the other dog with your dog under control. Walks are now a relaxing and enjoyable experience, which is a huge stress relief for you!

Included in this program:


● 8 Sessions (4 In-Home, 4 at location of choice)

● Walking on a loose leash

● Stay in place

● Come when called on leash

● Unlimited phone & email support for the   life of the dog

● General training notes to help practice in   between sessions

One-Time Cost: $925

*Payment options available upon request*

Unlimited & Unleashed Program

You're at the beach or in the woods with your dog off leash. Your dog runs around and sniffs everything, and, when called, comes bounding back to you. This off-leash lifestyle is the reward for all those who take part in this program.

Enjoy unlimited training sessions in which we teach your dog everything that is important to you. Teach your dog to walk on a loose leash, instead of pulling to bark at other dogs, so that you can bring your dog anywhere you want. Teach your dog to stay on his bed, instead of rushing at visitors and jumping on them, so that your visitors can get in to your house without getting hurt.


Training will Start in your home, and as your dog progresses we can travel to wherever you would like to practice. Maybe we train at your favorite park, or at a friend's house, or even at a local pet friendly store!

Included in this program:


● Unlimited Training Sessions

● Off-Leash Training

● Out & About group obedience class, to       work around other dogs + Priority   scheduling, weeknight evenings are popular   and book quickly

● 3 "dog only" sessions

● Lifetime email & phone support

● Personalized training notes

● All needed training equipment

One-Time Cost: $1,725

*Payment options available upon request*

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